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Wallace Haines Company software is powerful and flexible. Call us at 1-800-BUY-BYRON or 1-800-289-2976. Tell us what you want from a computer system.

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Doing Business Your Way

More information is available on these features:

* Co-op Management * Distribution / Invoicing * EDI/Electronic Ordering * Frequent Buyer Plans

* Integrated Accounting * Inventory Management Books / Music

* Payroll / Timecards * POS/Sales/Cash Register * Purchasing * Rentals * Secondary Databases Books / Music

* Special Orders * Used Product Books / Music

* Website Updates

Whether you have one specialty bookstore, five music stores that sell new and used records and compact discs, or fifteen stores that sell books, music, movies, and software, The Wallace Haines Company can meet your needs. In addition to music and book stores, our clients include museum shops and book & music distributors-from London to Richmond, from Toronto to Chicago.

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* In Memory of Wallace E. Haines, Jr. 1910-2007 *

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Dr. Haines was never directly affiliated with the Wallace Haines Company, though he was an obvious inspiration, as the company is operated by his son Stephen Wallace Haines.